Frases célebres, citas, proverbios, dichos y refranes en lengua castellana

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Quotes about Art
Architecture, Art, Beauty, Music, Novel, Paint, Poetry, Sculpture

Quotes about Culture / Knowledge / Sciences
Book, Culture, Curiosity, Education, Ideas, Ignorance, Knowledge, Literature, Mathematics, Reading, Reason, Reflection, Savant, Science, Truth, Words, Writing

Quotes about Personal Qualities
Character, Constance, Courage, Effort, Experience, Forgiveness, Genius, Gratitude, Honor, Imagination, Intelligence, Patience, Righteousness, Sensitivity, Strength, Talent, Will

Quotes about Personal Deffects
Cowardice, Madness, Silliness, Prejudice, Pride

Quotes about Frame of Mind
Anxiety, Boredom, Depression, Happiness, Humor, Joy, Laughter, Melancholy

Quotes about Government / Polítics / World
Enemy, Equalitiy, Government, Justice, Injustice, Law, Motherland, Peace, Politics, War, World

Quotes about Mass Media
Cinema, Movie, Radio, Television,
Quotes about Human / Divine Nature
Conscience, Death, Faith, God, Hope, Human Being, Life Man, Mankind, Prayer Religion, Soul, Spirit, Universe, Woman

Quotes about Leisure / Pleasure
Alcohol, Cigarette, Drugs, Enjoyment, Food, Game, Leisure, Pleasure, Sex, Sport, Travel, Wine

Quotes about Relationships
Children, Family, Fidelity, Friend, Friendship, Heart, Jealousy, Kiss, Love, Marriage, Parents

Quotes about Positive Fellings
Affection, Goodness, Optimism, Prudence, Tenderness

Quotes about Negative Feelings
Adultery, Envy, Evil, Lie, Fear, Hate, Loneliness, Pain, Pessimism, Sadness, Selfishness, Treason, Vanity, Vengeance, Violence, Vice

Quotes about Society
Civilisation, Error, Fame, Failure, Gold, Journalism, Job, Money, Opinion, Poverty, Profession, Progress, Richness, Success

Quotes about Time
Age, Destiny, Future, History, Past, Present, Time, Old age, Youth

Miscellaneous Quotes
Attitude, Action, Behavior, Belief, Desire, Doubt, Dream, Face, Feelings, Feminism, Health, Luck, Memory, Medicine, Nature, Problems, Silence, Thought, Wish


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