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Great LITERATURE is simply language charged with
meaning to the ultimate possible degree.

Ezra Pound

Journalism is unreadable and LITERATURE is not read. That is all.

Oscar Wilde

LITERATURE always anticipates life. It does not copy it, but
moulds it to its purpose.

Oscar Wilde

LITERATURE is the art of writing something that will be read

Cyrh Connolly

LITERATURE is the thought of thinking souls.

Thomas Carlyle

Romance is the poetry of LITERATURE.

Madame Neckers

The difference between LITERATURE and journalism is that
journalism is unreadable, and LITERATURE is not read.

Oscar Wilde

The man who cannot appreciate music and LITERATURE is
exactly like the lower animals, even though he may not
possess horns and a tail.


The only sensible ends of LITERATURE are first, the
pleasurable toil of writing, second, the gratification of
one’s family and friends, and lastly, the solid cash.


There is first the LITERATURE of knowledge, and secondly,
the LITERATURE of power. The function of the first is–
to teach; the function of the second is– to move.

De Quincey

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