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A long, long kiss, a kiss of YOUTH, and love.

Lord Byron

An author ought to write for the YOUTH of his own
generation, the critics of the next, and the
schoolmasters of ever afterwards.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Birth, YOUTH, old age and death are fixed points for all
and none can escape this cage.

Lord Shri Krishna

Each day is a little life, every waking and rising a little
birth, every fresh morning a little YOUTH, every going to
rest and sleep a little death.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Flaming YOUTH has become flaming question. And YOUTH
comes to us wanting to know what we may propose to
do about a society that hurts so many of them.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

For life in general, there is but one decree : YOUTH is a
blunder, manhood a struggle, old age a regret.

Benjamin Disraeli

Forty is the old age of YOUTH; fifty is the YOUTH of old age.

Victor Hugo

He who is of calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age, but to him who is of an opposite disposition YOUTH and age are equally a burden.


I live in that solitude which is painful in YOUTH, but delicious
in the years of maturity.

Albert Einstein

In YOUTH and beauty wisdom is but rare!


In YOUTH the days are short and the years are long; in
old age the years are short and the days are long.


It is an illusion that YOUTH is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched for they are full of the truthless ideal which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real, they are bru

William Somerset Maugham

Keen ambition banishes pleasure, from YOUTH onwards,
and reigns alone.


O YOUTH with song and laughter,
Go not so lightly by.
Have pity – and remember
How soon thy roses die.

A.W. Peach

On with the dance! let joy be unconfin’d;
No sleep till morn, when YOUTH and Pleasure meet
To chase the glowing Hours with flying feet.

Lord Byron

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