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A Bachelor of Arts is one who makes LOVE to a lot of
women, and yet has the art to remain a bachelor.

Helen Rowland

A long, long kiss, a kiss of youth, and LOVE.

Lord Byron

A LOVE of tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril; but the new view must come, the world must roll forward.

Winston Churchill

A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not LOVE her.

Oscar Wilde

A man can hide all things, excepting twain – that he is
drunk, and that he in LOVE.


A speech is like a LOVE affair. Any fool can start one, but
to end it tidily requires considerable skill.

Lord Mancroft

A successful marriage requires falling in LOVE many
times, always with the same person.

Mignon McLaughlin

Absence from whom we LOVE is worse than death.

William Cowper

All LOVE is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. LOVE
is therefore the only law of life. He who LOVEs, lives; he
who is selfish is dying. Therefore, LOVE for LOVE’s sake.
Because, it is the only law of life.

Swami Vivekananda

All thoughts, all passions, all delights,
Whatever stirs the mortal frame,
Are but the ministers of LOVE,
And feed his sacred flame.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Apprehension is where affection is. Where there is
affection there is misery. Pain has its roots in LOVE or
affection. Renounce affection and you shall be happy.

Garuda Purana

Before I met my husband, I'd never fallen in LOVE, though I'd stepped in it a few times.

Rita Rudner

Beyond the vale of tears
There is a life above,
Unmeasured by the flight of years;
And all that life is LOVE.

James Montgomery

Bitterness imprisons life; LOVE releases it.
Bitterness paralyzes life; LOVE empowers it.
Bitterness sours life; LOVE sweetens it.
Bitterness sickens life; LOVE heals it.
Bitterness blinds life; LOVE anoints its eyes.

Harry Emerson Fosdick

Business should be like religion and science; it should
know neither LOVE nor hate.

Samuel Butler

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