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In the end, we WILL remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Martin Luther King Jr.

It never WILL rain roses : when we want
To have more roses we must plant more trees.

George Eliot

It was built against the WILL of the immortal gods, and so it did not last for long.

Homer, The Iliad

It WILL, I believe, be everywhere found, that as the clergy are, or are not what they ought to be, so are the rest of the nation.

Jane Austen

It’s always been and always WILL be the
same in the world: the horse does the work
and the coachman is tipped.


It’s not what’s happening to you now or what has happened
in your past that determines who you become.
Rather, it’s your decisions about what to focus on, what
things mean to you, and what you’re going to do about
them that WILL determine your

Anthony Robbins

Just trust yourself, then you WILL know how to live.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Keep quiet and people WILL think you are a philosopher.

Latin Proverb

Kings WILL be tyrants from policy, when subjects are
rebels from principle.

Edmund Burke

Know how to listen, and you WILL profit even from those
who talk badly.


Knowledge is like a deep well fed by perennial springs,
and your mind is the little bucket that you drop into it;
you WILL get as much as you can assimilate.

Lala Har Dayal

Leap and the net WILL appear.

Julia Cameron

Let a fool hold his tongue and he WILL pass for a sage.

Publilius Syrus

Let us go singing as far as we go: the road WILL be less tedious.


Lies WILL get any man into trouble, but honesty is its own

The Brible

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