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Nature gave men two ends... one to sit on and one to think with. Ever since then
man's SUCCESS or failure has been dependent on the one he used most.

George R. Kilpatrick

No one ever attains very eminent SUCCESS by simply doing what is required of
him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that
determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.

Charles Kendall Adams

Not in time, place, or circumstance, but in the man lies SUCCESS.

Charles B. Rouss

Nothing feebler than a man does the earth raise up, of all the things which breathe and move on the earth, for he believes that he will never suffer evil in the future, as long as the gods give him SUCCESS and he flourishes in his strength; but when the b

Homer, The Odyssey

Nothing succeeds like SUCCESS.

Alexandre Dumas

Obedience is mother of SUCCESS and is wedded to


One sound idea is all that you need to achieve SUCCESS.

Napoleon Hill

Ones best SUCCESS comes after their greatest disappointments.

Henry Ward Beecher

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do
things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of SUCCESS.

Norman Vincent Peale

People fail forward to SUCCESS.

Mary Kay Ash

People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding SUCCESS because
they don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined

George E. Allen

People seldom see the halting and painful steps by which
the most insignificant SUCCESS is achieved.

Anne Sullivan

People who are afraid to fail can never experience the joys of SUCCESS.

Pete Zafra

Perseverance is a great element of SUCCESS.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Procrastination is one of the most common and
deadliest of diseases and its toll on SUCCESS and
happiness is heavy.

Wayne Dyer

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